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  • MathRider Math Game

    MathRider Game Review

    MathRider is a really clever math facts game for learning and mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all in the one game. It’s hard to pick what I like best – the gorgeous riding environments or the game intelligence that continuously adjusts for the player’s […]

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  • Arcademic Skill Builders – A Free Mathletics Alternative?

    Arcademic Skill Builders – A Free Mathletics Alternative?

    When we started out, we thought we’d focus mainly on the commercial math games out there. The reason for that was that most free online games offer so little in terms of variety and gameplay that most normal children will not play them for very […]

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  • sample of printed math games

    Making Math More Fun – Printable Math Board Games Review

    The More Fun with Math Games package is a collection of printable math “board” games, worksheets and activities, provided as a set of downloadable eBooks. So to make this clear, this product is not software. It is downloadable eBooks, containing printable math board games and […]

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  • screenshot-1

    Ultimate Math Invaders Game Review

    The Ultimate Math Invaders may bring some fond memories to you. It certainly did to me! I used to spend hours at the arcade and at home fighting wave after wave of those invading UFOs in Space Invaders. Ultimate Math Invaders is loosely based on […]

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