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  • Help, My Child Hates School!

    Help, My Child Hates School!

    Has this notion of “my child hates school” ever rung through your head? Perhaps it is ringing right now? I suspect most parents find themselves thinking along these lines, because most kids either dislike or outright hate school. Honestly, while I was pretty darn good […]

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  • Sat Math Prep Kit Review

    Sat Math Prep Kit Review

    Today I came across a site that sells Sat Math Prep Kit, which is a set of videos for helping students prepare for the Math part of the SAT Reasoning Test. I thought ‘wow’ that’s a fair bit of video content – let’s take a […]

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  • We love math homework

    Help with Math Homework – How To Prevent Overload

    Here is some help with math homework from an angle you probably never expected from this website. It is not about some clever math game or other product. Do your kids seem to spend an eternity on their homework? Or is it a constant struggle […]

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  • Math Games For Girls

    It seems that there aren’t that many fun math games for girls. Have you noticed that most math games are somehow slanted more towards boys? Without wanting to delve into stereotypes, too many games seem to be using shooting as a means to make math […]

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