Sat Math Prep Kit Review

Today I came across a site that sells Sat Math Prep Kit, which is a set of videos for helping students prepare for the Math part of the SAT Reasoning Test. I thought ‘wow’ that’s a fair bit of video content – let’s take a closer look. While our kids are still at elementary level, they too will eventually need this kind of stuff.

The site is

There is a free sample video that I needed to subscribe to a newsletter for (not exactly totally “free” then, is it?)

But, as I found out by doing some searching, the creator has actually made it available on youtube right here:

Now admittedly I have not reviewed the entire series, but based on the screenshots of each of the videos available, the sample gives us a pretty good indication of the rest of the videos in this package.

The Good:

  • The man knows what he is talking about.
  • There is also a neat little tip on a pattern of measurements that, if present in a test question, will help you solve the size of the hypotenuse much faster.
  • The audio quality is clear, easy to understand

The Bad:

  • I feel like I’m sitting at school and I videotaped my teacher. I suspect that’s not the most inspiring setting for a teenager to learn from.
  • I compared the Pythagorean Theorem video to what the khanacademy series of free videos has to offer. And in my mind the khanacademy explanation is clearer, uses better visualization techniques and has more examples, too.

Check out the khan academy’s first Pythagorean Theorem video here:

Now if I were the creator of the Sat Math Prep Kit, and I wanted to pick one video of my set of 84 lesson videos as an example, I would pick one of the very best videos, wouldn’t you?
With this in mind, I think it is safe for me to not purchase the whole set and watch any further.


Someone has put a lot of work into recording these videos, so in my mind it is worth the price they are asking for. However, and unfortunately for the creator(s) of the Sat Math Prep Kit, there is this thing called the khan academy. Salman Khan (the man behind the khan academy) has created more than 1,800 videos, starting with all areas of Math and then branching out into Chemistry, Physics, History and even Finance. All are freely available on youtube and they are top class. I mean, I love his videos – you can tell he loves teaching and his explanations are terrific. Our kids really like them, too.

So I’m really sorry, but I have difficulty recommending the Sat Math Prep Kit in this instance.