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  • MathRider Math Game

    MathRider Game Review

    MathRider is a really clever math facts game for learning and mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all in the one game. It’s hard to pick what I like best – the gorgeous riding environments or the game intelligence that continuously adjusts for the player’s […]

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  • sample of printed math games

    Making Math More Fun – Printable Math Board Games Review

    The More Fun with Math Games package is a collection of printable math “board” games, worksheets and activities, provided as a set of downloadable eBooks. So to make this clear, this product is not software. It is downloadable eBooks, containing printable math board games and […]

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  • Timez Attack Review

    Timez Attack is visually the most immersive and sophisticated game I have reviewed so far. It has been developed by a software team involved in playstation games, and you can immediately tell. By far the best 3d environment of any math game currently out there. […]

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